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I taught Psychology at the college level for 25 years. I've taught Introduction, Child Development, Adolescence, Adult Development, Lifespan Development, Personality, Social, Abnormal, Educational, Industrial, Group Dynamics, Practical Psychology and Time Management courses. I am also certified in Stress Management, Tai Chi for Wellness (Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga & Meditation) including for those who need to sit in a chair. I have also been VERY Passionate about Sustainability over 10 years. I took Environmental Biology, Environmental Psychology & Survery of Renewable Energy courses. I was trained to incorporate Sustainability into all my courses. I attend our local Green Drinks meetings and also created and coordinate our local Sustainability Book Club. I am also a Blue Mind Water Ambassador. You can find more details about me here.

From my own educational experience and throughout my teaching career, I have found student success in college is not determined just by a GPA or standardized test score. Many students are quite shock to discover just how different college is from high school. Just to mention a few adjustments first year college students will experience: following a variety of professors' course policies and requirements, managing their time effectively, avoiding procrastinating, adjusting their learning and studying methods, & learning how to manage stress in a healthy way. As a Psychology professor, I spent just as much time helping students make these adjustments, as I did helping them with the course content. Both students and professors often wish these adjustments were discussed before the first day of class.

I am very excited to offer you just this type of "heads up" assistance to help you adjust to college much easier. I am happy to help you with general academics, Psychology content, Stress Management & Sustainability content. Please take a look at the Coaching Schedule to see what sessions I am currently offering. If you have any questions, please contact me collegecoaching@yahoo.com.

The content of the Webinar sessions may not be used without written permission from me. Email me at collegecoaching@yahoo.com.

Nothing in the Webinar Session should be interpreted as a guarantee of success, whether it be passing a course/term or obtaining a specific grade. While the content of this Webinar Session should help you, there are many variables which can influence one's grade (how well you implement the ideas in the Webinar, attendance, your understanding of specific content of the course, whether you turn in homework and how well you do on it, your health, stress level, studying methods, reading ability, ETC!).