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Coping With Stress 2 - Nutrition

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This approximately 60 min session will cover the following...

* This session will discuss how Nutrition influences Stress & How Stress Influences Nutrition.


This content may not be used without written permission from me. Email me at collegecoaching@yahoo.com.

While the content in this Webinar should help you understand Stress & its Consequences better, nothing in this Webinar Session should be interpreted as a Psychiatric diagnosis or treatment of your stress. It is simply content you may receive in a college course on Stress & Wellness. If you feel you need help with your stress, please contact individual treatment in your local area.

Nothing in this Webinar Session should be interpreted as a guarantee of success, whether it be passing a course/term or obtaining a specific grade. While the content of this Webinar Session should help you, there are many variables that influence one's grade (how well you implement the ideas in the Webinar, attendance, your understanding of specific content of the course, whether you turn in homework and how well you do on it, your health, stress level, studying methods, reading ability, ETC!).