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Blue Mind 2: A Deep Dive

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This approximately 60 min session (documentary 48 min) will cover the following...

* What Does A Blue Marble Represent.

* What Is Your Water.

* When Was the First Time You Found Your Water.

* Who Took You To Your Water.

* Where Can You Find Blue Mind.

* When/How Dr. Nichols' Became Passionate About Water & Sea Turtles.

* Dr. Nichols' Research Findings From Sea Turtle "Adelita."

* How Advances in Technology Has Helped Research in Neuroscience.

* What is NeuroConservation.

* Why Emotional Wellness Drives Sustainability.

* Why Blue Mind is Important to Emotional Wellness.

* How Positive Emotions Helps Blue Mind & Sustainability.

* How Blue Mind Is Found In the Arts.

* How & Why Advertisers Use the Idea of Blue Mind.

* How Hollywood & the Music Industry Uses the Idea of Blue Mind.

* Q & A

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